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Tune Talk Points for Free AirAsia flights

Tune Talk has finally revealed its Tune Talk points which can be used to redeem free flights on AirAsia. Its chief talker Jason Lo had given a heads up yesterday via twitter.

So how do you earn these Tune Talk points? This is done simply by topping up and you’ll earn points based on the amount you use. The higher amount you top up, the more points you get per RM spent as per table below.

As you can see, the topping up RM50 and above gives you more points for the buck at 2.4x. So to speed up your points collection, RM50 is a good sweet spot for topping up. You can check your balance by dialling *133# on your tune talk line.

As far as redemption is concerned, it is not too hard and it is not too easy either. However it is easier to achieved compared to other forms of free flight redemption programs that we know of. The cheapest redemption starts at 2000 points for flights from KL to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia or from Penang to Kuching Sarawak. Assuming if you top up RM50 consistently on a monthly basis, 2000 points is yours within 17 months which is equivalent to RM850 top ups made. We’re pretty sure that Tune Talk will come out with time limited promotion that turbo boost your points collection in the near future. So keep an eye on TuneTalk for upcoming promotions. You can view their full point redemption table here.

The points collection starts today on 5th October onwards and once you get enough points, you can redeem your flights by calling 13100. The beauty of this is that the points won’t expire. Another thing to note is that all flight redemption must be done 30 days ahead of your desired departure date and no change is allowed after that. The points are non-transferable between Tune Talk numbers and credit transfers do not count as well.

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For more details, head to Tune Talk site and read up their FAQ.

We’ve gotta say this, Tune Talk’s website looks kinda childish and the design is out of place for a telco. Perhaps a revamp to standardise your pages?