Nokia N8 hacked to shoot 30fps 720p video & less compressed photos

Right now it is heavily debated on whether the Nokia N8 is superior compared to its iPhone 4 rival. You would have read accusations of biasness across the web by now. While the subject of image quality is being scrutinised, someone else had taken a different route by pushing the Nokia N8 12MP camera capabilities to the next level.

HX Custom ROMS had experimented with a Nokia N8 hack that pushes its default HD video recording from 25fps to 30fps. At the same time, they have also tweaked the JPG compression to save them to a massive 11MB per photo instead of the usual compressed 2MB per photo.

The raw photo they provided looks very detailed but we can’t really tell if it is an improvement since they didn’t provide a default non-hacked version. You can download the original 4000×3000 photo and video over at HX Custom ROMS here.

In case you missed it, you can check out our very own hands on video of the Nokia N8 here.