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Mark your calendars: October 11, Windows Phone 7 launch

Microsoft’s most significant mobile launch will happen next week October 11. We have no confirmation yet whether this will be a global launch or not but if the earlier report of Microsoft giving its global staff a Windows Phone 7 phone at launch then it would be safe to assume so.

There’s no denying that Microsoft has the footprint and resources to do a global launch and if you look back at all the previous product launches done by the software powerhouse, almost all has been global launches.

We’re very excited about this as we were all fans and users of Windows Mobile way back in the days when it was called Windows Pocket PC. In fact our first PDA experience was the Phillips Nino launched in the late 90s.

Windows Phone 7 marks Microsoft’s comeback into the lucrative mobile market and they world is watching. As it is, they’re off to a good start with leading device manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson and LG all developing WP7 based devices.

We can’t wait.