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Everyone get ready for a Lumix Phone

And suddenly out of the blue Panasonic puts out a website teasing us the specs of a new phone that will be given the Lumix brand.

If you know your digital camera, you’ll know Lumix. It’s Panasonic’s own line of digital cameras ranging from the mundane point and shoot to prosumer grade four-thirds and DLSRs. There’s a lot to like about the Lumix cameras, in fact we’re using one to take macro shots and 720p HD video footages. Lumix cameras are no nonsense, good value for money and pack a lot of punch for their size. Panasonic’s iA full auto setting is also very good and makes the Lumix cameras very easy to use.

So we’re expecting a lot from Panasonic and we expect them to release a camera phone that is going to be better than anything that’s available in the market right now.

Initial specs of the Lumix phone look like this:

  • 3.3 in LCD with 854×480 pixel
  • A new graphics/image processor developed from Panasonic’s long line of Venus engines. The one in the Lumix phone is called Mobile Venus Engine
  • 13MP camera using a CMOS sensor
  • MicroSD memory storage
  • WiFi
  • DNLA support
  • Dimensions: 116×52×17.7mm, weight: 146g

Panasonic will be announcing more details tomorrow and we’ll be ready to give you the latest so stay tuned. We’re very excited about this but slightly worried because there’s a whole range of mobile phones in Japan that are not marketed anywhere else. So apart from the high-expectation, there’s also a real chance that the Lumix phone is Japan only model. Fingers crossed that it won’t be.

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