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Google buys over BlindType

Who or what is BlindType, we hear you ask?

The bane of touchscreens is that you have to keep your eyes on the screen most of the time to be able to punch words onto the screen. You’ll have to be fairly accurate with your fingers as well to get the keyboard to register your input on the right letters. For the touchscreen novice, typing on a touchscreen takes some getting used to.

BlindType promises to change all that with an almost psychic AI that learns and predicts with amazing accuracy the words you want to key in even when the letters that you’ve just touched are completely wrong.

From the demo videos, it looks like BlindType could be a godsend for typing on touchscreens and the big news is that Google has acquired the startup. This could very possibly mean that Google could introduce and official keyboard for Android devices that incorporate BlindType’s technology. If that’s indeed the case, then we can’t wait to give it a try and compare BlindType with our favourite touchscreen keyboard at the moment, Swype.

Had on after the jump see the demo videos on how BlindType works.

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