DiGi’s new Easy Prepaid with free calls and lower daily data charge

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DiGi has introduced new Easy Prepaid, a new prepaid plan that offers lower daily internet cap of RM3 and Free Calls & SMS to 3 numbers. It also gives you 10 Free SMS to any network for every RM10 top up made.

The maximum charge of RM3 per day for mobile internet is lower than usual RM5. However we suspect it is the same 384kbps which is too slow for tethering.

New Buddyz is similar to Friends and Family but instead you’ll get free calls and SMS to 3 DiGi numbers that you choose. Free calls however are limited to 60 hours per month. You’ll still get your normal Friends and Family but only 3 instead of the usual six.


The DiGi starter pack is sold at a higher RM10.80 with RM8 preloaded and 90 days validity. Normal call rates are charged at 30sen/min and SMS at 8sen/SMS to all networks. All calls are charged on 30 seconds billing block.


Please note that the Max RM1 SMS offer is not applicable on this easy prepaid plan . For existing prepaid users If at anytime you wish to switch back to normal DiGi prepaid plan, you can switch over by paying the one off RM3 fee. Do note that you are allowed to change call plans once a month.

So if youve been making a lot of calls to those few favorite numbers, this DiGi prepaid is the way to go with 60 hours of free calls monthly. Plus with daily cap of RM3/day for data, it is perfect for those occasional need of Internet while on the go. Of course if you need cheaper data on a weekly basis, we suggest taking a look at the weekly RM15 per week data plan.

For more details, terms and FAQ, read them up here


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28 Comments for DiGi’s new Easy Prepaid with free calls and lower daily data charge


FAQ 6.
Can I change plan from DiGi Prepaid™ to DiGi Easy Prepaid?
No. Changing of plan from DiGi Prepaid™ to DiGi® Easy Prepaid is not allowed.


Free calls however are limited to 60 hours per month? not unlimited? ==

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Does this Digi Easy Prepaid has expiry date?

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Thanks for your ad but wanna know how/where can i buy this digi easy prepaid ?


is that all digi easy has same plan that free for three person


did my digi easy also have the same plan with other easy prepaid for digi?????

thoney mitchael

is Digi easy prepaid only for Malaysians?


    Should be open for foreigners as well. They have been marketing aggressively for migrant market with their IDD rates.


is there any digi easy prepaid for the moment?

nur izatiey

new dg easy prepaid means free call 24 hrs but limited to 60 hours monthly, no need on subscript for super buddyz with charge rm 1.50 from 6.00pm – 11.59pm? pls for my info so that i can decide whether i want to change my dg easy prepaid plan to new dg easy prepaid plan?

Low Kah King

Easy prepaid can be register to Super Long Life ( 1 year) ? How much for 1 year?


digi easy prepaid bagi free call 33 hours only permonth……
memang pening dan i tak suka digi buat macam ini….
i dah buang digi kad di tong sampah…..
bohong kan customer….. masa beli katakan free 24 hour…..
apa jadi untuk digi……………


Eff dg easy for not telling and inform their customer. I thouht the free calls is unlimited, but only 60hrs/month or the TRUTH is only 33hrs/month. Ok FINE. But After it reach to the limit of 33hrs i suppose, (not 60hrs) the DIGI eat my creadit without any notification!! Yeah great service, great. Tq dg easy for makes me hating u more

sooo BAD

LIER! when i first bought this digi easy, it says 24hours call n sms. but, what happen now?? 60hours?? not REALLY! i lost my credit!! DIGI, you cheated all your customers.

mohd noor muhamed


Sad User

Ya, dg cheats. Even my birthday bonus free talktime was reset to zero. But they did not mention the validity period of the 50% B/D bonus free talktime when we receive the SMS after reload. Suck.


Digi tipu costomers.


apa bezanya digi easy prepaid v1,v2 v3??


so, business? hah. Dg eats everything


Digi memang tipu betul lah wey


hi. why i cant tranfer my digi easy prepaid v3 to my other digi number?


Digi easy prepaid 在不知道的情况下按了RM3升级至 Digi best prepaid v4 (问题是不知道easy 和 best的差别。。太多了 我要换回easy prepaid的要怎样换…)


Which prepaid has the lowest rate calling to Myanmar and how much per minute ?


now my plan in new best v1..how to change bck to easy perpaid


my plan was digi easy v2..but suddenly it chnges to new best v3..what the hell..changing my plan without any notification.