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DiGi running low on iPhone 4 stocks?

(Update 25092010 2246hrs) Looks like DiGi made a booboo in its Twitter feed. It’s facebook wall says 4000 numbers we’re given out. If they achieved that in half a day, that’s an impressive number.

This tweet from DiGi doesn’t look encouraging if you’re looking to purchase the iPhone 4 from them. Just after lunch time on their first Saturday selling the iPhone 4, and it appears DiGi has ran out of stock for the day. Interestingly, the Quill 9 collection point closes at 2200hrs, so why stop giving out queue numbers so early?

The marketeers mantra is to never stop selling what the customer wants and you don’t need to be genius to know that the iPhone 4 is currently on the wish list of a lot of people so why has DiGi stopped giving out queue numbers at the half day point — only 400 numbers?

On the other side, Maxis’ iPhone 4 collection point at the Gardens is bustling and can comfortably handle over 400 customers. We were at the midnight launch and even at that point in time there was easily more than 400 customers, on a weekday mind you.

Could it be that DiGi is selling in more places and in more states than Maxis? 45 outlets from 24 September versus Maxis’ only iPhone 4 collection centre at the Gardens. Even when Maxis starts selling the iPhone nationwide on Monday 27 September, they would have only 27 outlets across Malaysia selling the iPhone 4 as opposed to DiGi’s 45.

More outlets could mean stocks of the iPhone 4 is spread thin but could that be the real reason DiGi is only giving our 400 queue numbers at Quill 9? We don’t think so.

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We’re speculating that it is very possible that DiGi has less iPhone 4 stock than Maxis. Quill 9, for this weekend at least, is the iPhone 4 central for DiGi. Most of their iPhone 4 promotion materials point customers to go to Quill 9 to get the iPhone 4 from DiGi. Based on this, Quill 9 should have the most iPhone 4 stocks. In fact DiGi shouldn’t stop giving out numbers at Quill 9 but they did and that could only mean that stocks are low. Why else would they deny customers from getting the iPhone 4 on the spot?

We’re putting out this question to DiGi PR. Hope their reply is more forthcoming than @DiGi_Telco, we seem to have no luck with the official Twitter account.