DiGi claims to offer the “most affordable” iPhone 4 in Malaysia

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UPDATE: DiGi iPhone 4 officially launched, read more about it here.

There are probably two reason why DiGi is keeping very quite about it’s iPhone 4 plan, 1)the plans are humdrum, nothing special kind, or 2) it is good enough to make you think twice about getting the iPhone 4 on a Maxis contract.

And judging by the banner they’ve put up for the media launch even happening at 1800hrs tomorrow, we’re suspecting that it’s the later.

DiGi is putting out a bold claim saying that offer the “most affordable” iPhone 4 in the country. We don’t know about you but that is enough to make us think twice about buying an iPhone 4 from Maxis. Make no mistake, we’ve made a booking on an iPhone 4 with Maxis. Now, we’re not too sure.

Well, all will be revealed when DiGi makes public its iPhone 4 plans. We will be there at the launch and we will try to give you the updates as it happens, stay tuned.

To make things more interesting, there is also a probability that Maxis will change their iPhone 4 plans during their midnight launch tonight. Jeng, jeng, jeng!

In the meantime, we’re asking you. Which will you choose? DiGi or Maxis? Comment us ya.

Oh, and to those that’s wondering where the event will take place, it’s a Quill 9, 112 Jalan Semangat, PJ. Note that it’s an invitation only event and no iPhone 4 will be on sale at the venue. We’re not sure if there will be public demo outside of the venue but we will update you when we get there to save you some time and hassle, because as you know, traffic will be crazy along that route at 1800hrs.

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14 Comments for DiGi claims to offer the “most affordable” iPhone 4 in Malaysia

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If digi had a better 3g coverage and all this so called affordable great plans will sum up.

anyway im with digi :p


    i'm with digi too


i m with DIGI


So there's no 1 Utama roadshow? Everything done at Quill?


    The roadshow is still on. Today's event will be for the launch of the iPhone 4 plans from DiGi only. You won't be able to get an iPhone 4 from them today but we believe you can start registering for one today. Collection would probably be on Saturday.


DiGi will be more affordable for sure! Can't wait! DiGi FTW!




I'm one of those that registered with Maxis and now am not too sure! If the plans between Maxis and Digi are not too far apart, I won't go thru the hassle of porting in.

On another note, I like this on going fight!!! It just makes Telcos in MY more competitive and we consumers enjoy better plans and rates! Nice!

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So the 25th and 26th from the banner
is at one utama? I mean the iphone4 selling!


I’ll be choosing maxis, reason is Digi 3G coverage is not in my area in Batu Gajah, Perak yet & you have to be bound with them for 2 years…if they can provide a 1 year contract & a good 3G coverage in my area, then I might rethink back, but for now have to stick with Maxis…


    how's the signal in BG so far? I am from BG too, and would like to subscribe this soon,

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