DiGi to launch iPhone 4 ahead of Maxis (?)

(Update: 23092010 00:09hrs) DiGi claims it’s iPhone 4 offerings are the most affordable in the country. Read all about it here.

(Update: 22092010 15:33hrs) We just got our invite for the DiGi launch tomorrow. Thanks you DiGi PR 😀 Also big thanks to the unnamed source. We don’t know you but you’re awesome!

(Update: 22092010 15:33hrs) Our unnamed source says that it is confirmed that DiGi will be holding a media launch for the iPhone 4 tomorrow, 23 September at 1800hrs ahead of Maxis. iPhone 4s are no available for purchase at media launch but demo units are available for playing around with. At the event DiGi will reveal it iPhone 4 plans. It is also revealed that you will be able to purchase the iPhone 4 from DiGi from 25 September onwards at the One Utama roadshow. We are still trying to get invites for this event. DiGi PR, if you’re reading this, please do drop us a line. Thanks! 🙂

Word on the street is that DiGi will launch the iPhone 4 at the same time as Maxis but we are getting unconfirmed reports from an unnamed source that DiGi will be launching the iPhone 4 TOMORROW, 23 September. Specifically at 1800hrs, a full 6 hours ahead of Maxis’ planned midnight iPhone 4 launch.

The source is unable to confirm if this is simply a plan unveiling or if subscribers will be able to get the iPhone 4 on the spot. And it looks to be a media event, possibly not a public one, which means it’s invitations only. Whatever it is we’ll update you on developments as it happens.