We’ll be there: Maxis “invitation only” iPhone 4 launch

We’ll be at the Maxisinvitation onlyiPhone 4 launch happening late night 23 September to time the release of the iPhone 4 at the stroke of midnight 24 September effectively making Maxis Malaysia’s first telco to launch the iPhone 4 ahead of DiGi.

We’ll be providing you with the latest updates from the launch event via Twitter. So if you’re not already following us, please do. If you already are, thanks for the support.

Also, do comment us if you have questions of things that you would specifically like to know about the iPhone 4 offers from Maxis. If you have questions you want to ask the reps there, we’ll be more than happy to ask them for you. FYI, Sandip Das Jean-Pascal van Overbeke and a few C-levels from Maxis will be attending.

Frankly speaking we’re very excited to see what Maxis has in store for the launch. Granted, most of the details are out already but we have a feeling that Maxis is saving something special for the event. It’s only a hunch and we could be wrong but we’ll see how it goes.