Swype Beta for Android update available, old version to expire soon

Swype beta for Android is expirying soon. If you didn’t get Swype pre-installed on your device you would need to update to continue using it. According to Android Central,
there are a couple of bug fixes and enhancements for this Swype update.

Among the changes are support for German and Portuguese language, added disable auto-space gesture by swyping from spacebar to backspace, quick language change, improved word prediction and gestures.

This is strictly for existing Swype Beta users as they are not accepting new sign ups currently. You must also uninstall both Swype and SwypeInstaller before proceeding. Those with Swype pre-installed like the Samsung Galaxy S are advised not to download.

Download Swype Installer here via your Android browser. For detail step by step installation, click here.

For those who didn’t know, Swype is also available for Nokia touch screen phones too.