Maxis reveals 8GB iPhone 3GS prices

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Maxis officially revealed pricing of iPhone 3GS 8GB which is exactly the same as the leaked figures.

As expected, the price for the new 8GB iPhone 3GS is similar to the old iPhone 3G price of the same capacity at the time the iPhone 3GS was introduced back in 2009.

With the entry-level 8GB 3GS introduced, it looks like the iPhone 4 is not far away from being launched in Malaysia. We may be off in our predictions on when the iPhone 4 will be launched but in terms of pricing you can expect it to be roughly if not exactly the same as the iPhone 3GS when it first came into the market here.

Also in terms of plans, we don’t expect much to change from the previous iPhone offerings. But if you recall, DiGi was the first to open registration of interest of the iPhone 4 on its website back in July 2010. So with the added competition from DiGi — who may or may not release the iPhone 4 earlier than Maxis — we’re expecting some deal sweetening offers from both sides.

Although the price of the phones might not change much the two telcos may go out on a limb to offer rebates and value-add freebies to get you to sign-up with them.

It’s going to be interesting to watch.


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2 Comments for Maxis reveals 8GB iPhone 3GS prices

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