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Celcom Axiata to probe privacy breach allegation

Yesterday a CEO of a college in Terengganu had filed a RM20 mil (approx US$6.3 mil) suit against a “telco” for allegedly releasing contents of her SMS and audio recordings of phone calls. Looks like the alleged telco is none other than Celcom which issued a statement to the press yesterday.

According to Celcom Axiata, they treat privacy very seriously and they uphold strict policies to ensure the privacy of its subscribers are always protected. Its Chief Operating Officer Adlan Ahmad Tajudin said that such allegation by Noor Haslina is very serious but they have not been given much details of the suit therefore there was no basis to the allegation made at the moment.

He stressed that Celcom values and respect the rights of its subscribers and privacy & confidentiality of information is their top most priority. He also added if Celcom finds that the allegation was made without basis after its investigations, they will not hesitate to take necessary action including libel and abuse of court process.

According to the report by The Sun, Noor Haslina said she had made a police report on March 14. However her attempt to seek for solution from the telco was apparently ignored, which prompted her to take further action.

As mentioned earlier, the college CEO received a package at her office containing 9 pages of SMS exchanges and a USB flash drive containing audio recording of her conversation. To have such communication details obtained by unknown individuals is simply outrageous. If it can happen to her, it is possiblt that it could happen to anyone of us.

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