Samsung Galaxy S and Dell Streak displays use ultra tough Gorilla Glass

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Guess many Galaxy S onwers out there will have a smug smile on their faces after they read this post knowing that their device is as tough as nails — well the display is at least..

Corning, the makers of tough pots as we have always recalled, has announced that its ultra tough Gorilla Glass is being used to protect the display of the Samsung Galaxy S.

A little rummaging through the interweb also revealed that Dell Streak display is also protected by Gorilla Glass.

What is Gorilla Glass you ask? Corning says, Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is both scratch resistant and durable.

We wonder how the Gorilla Glass compares with the trick helicopter glass on the iPhone 4, or could Corning’s Gorilla Glass and the one on the iPhone 4 is the same? We are inclined to think otherwise.

Other device with Gorilla Glass? Here’s a list of devices we know that are available in Malaysia with Gorilla Glass.

GD900 Crystal, GD910 Watch Phone, BL40 New Chocolate

Droid, Milestone

S3650 Corby

How tough is the Gorilla Glass? Check out a video we have after the jump where the people at Engadget went all berserk on the Dell Streak’s display. If the people from TechCentral are reading this, that’s how you show a display is as tough as nails.

If Dell Malaysia is reading this, loan us a unit already. You know we’re good for it.

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6 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S and Dell Streak displays use ultra tough Gorilla Glass


+1! Thats the way a scratch test should be done. And not the way the Star did it in an unboxing video. Sigh!


    Wow…looks like we got a regular commenter here. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    The engadget video really shows how tough that Gorilla Glass is!

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you guys sounds so desperate its putting people off + annoying . tone it down and i'm sure you'll get more traffic


    Hey thanks for the tip.

    Desparate and annoying? How so.

    We're just merely stating that we can do better reviews. Tee Hee! 😛

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