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Vlingo: Awesome FREE alternative to Google Voice Actions

When Google launched Voice Actions, we thought that it was the coolest app of any smartphone ever. Being able to just speak commands to your phone to send emails and text messages means you save a bucket load of time on typing.

Let’s face it, virtual keyboards are not the best input tools for the serial Twitterer or IM addict. And we have to admit, although speaking what you want to text does not necessarily mean its faster than typing but it does make the task easier at the very least. whatever it is, there’s no denying that having a voice recognition app that is very accurate is useful in more ways than one.

The crappy part about Google Voice Actions is that you’ll need Android 2.2 to run it and you have to speak with an American slang. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of devices out there that’s running Froyo (almost non-existent here in Malaysia) and for many of us who are not American wannabes, speaking in American is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Enter Vlingo, the awesome free alternative to Google Voice Actions and it’s pretty darn tooting good!

Previously Vlingo was a paid app in the Android market but when Google Voice Actions came into the picture, the good guys at Vlingo decided that people should be able to try Vlingo for free and see how it compared with what google has to offer.

Well, we’ve tried Vlingo out and we’re blown away by what this app can do and you don’t have to speak in an American accent.

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With Vlingo, you can do very much everything Google Voice Actions can do, you can speak to send a text message or an email, navigate to a business location, search the web and more. You can even set the alarm clock on your phone just by saying what time you want to wake up. You can also send Twitter and Facebook updates, plus a whole other social media sites, just by speaking. And the SafeReader feature on Vlingo reads your incoming text and email messages to you making it indispensable while on the road.

We’ve got you interested yet? Here’s the clincher, Vlingo is available in Android Market for you to download and it runs on Android 2.0 and above. Suhweet! Try it for your self and comment us on what your experience has been with Vlingo.

What’s more Vlingo is avaialbe for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Symbian S60 devices as well. Head on over to Vlingo’s official site for more.

Still not convinced? Check out the Vlingo demos for Nokia, iPhone and Android devices below.

Thanks @EwwTube for introducing us to Vlingo