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Lowest ever: Xpax Blackberry daily package at RM0.50 daily!

Celcom Xpax is one of Malaysia’s most attractive prepaid Blackberry service at the moment. At only RM1/day, you get unlimited BBM under its Blackberry Social package. There’s a higher RM2.50/day This has been a long dominance for Xpax until recently DiGi and Maxis joined in and offered daily packages of RM2 and RM2.50 per day respectively.

Xpax obviously trying to hold their ground has reduced introduced a new barebone Blackberry daily subscription at 50 sen/day. We got a twitpic taken by TianChad shown above on the announcement.

The other existing daily prepaid plans for BlackBerry are still maintained, giving a total of 3 daily package as below:

So basically the new BBM with Xpax is the stripped down version of the RM1/day BlackBerry social that is limited to purely Blackberry messenger service. This new plan is a better deal if all you do is BBM without the need of Facebook, Twitter and other popular IM. For social freaks, you probably stick to the same RM1/day BlackBerry Social plan.

More details on the Xpax Blackberry site.

Its going to be interesting to see what DiGi and Maxis will come up with to counter this.

Just one minor request to Celcom PR. Please remember to include in your distribution list. Thank you.