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DiGi Prepaid Internet Unlimited 15

Earlier this month, DiGi has introduced a bigger mobile internet package for its prepaid users called Internet Unlimited 15. What it offers is unlimited mobile internet for RM15/week with 250MB of data quota. This is perfect for those who think DiGi Prepaid max RM5/day for internet is too costly and would like to save more in the long run. For RM15 a week, that’s only a mere RM2.15/day which is pretty reasonable if you just need to stay connected with light usage. Since this is DiGi Prepaid, the download speed is only 384kbps with no options or package that offer anything faster.

Apart from the rates, you would need to take note on the data quota. Max RM5/day gives you 100MB daily while RM15/week gives you 250MB for the entire 7 days. Which plan that suits you depends on your data consumption. However it is good to know that DiGi does not charge extra if you exceed your usage as it will be throttled down to 128kbps download.

To subscribe, just call *116# to activate the service. The subscription is self renewing so you don’t have to reactivate again after 7 days. If you’re just needing it for a week, you will need to deactivate manually.

For more info, check out the Internet Unlimited 15 page.