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Is P1 throttling YouTube?

Ok before all the P1 haters out there take out their pitchforks, we’re making it clear, we have no conclusive evidence but based on our own use of the service and from feedback we’ve been getting from other P1 users, the YouTube streaming has been choppy of late.

Everyone knows that with P1, when it’s good, its really good but when it’s crap, you can’t do jack online. But we can’t help but notice that we’re getting consistently slow streaming on YouTube when on the P1 network. It’s been happening almost all the time in the past couple of weeks.

We noticed that we had no problems whatsoever surfing almost every other sites and even downloading torrents is as smooth as butter. So is P1 throttling down YouTube streaming? It doesn’t make sense for them to, if they want to curb data hoggers and network abusers, then they should go straight for the throat and clamp down on torrent downloading.

But so far, it has been the other way around, we’ve been getting good download speeds but very bad streaming on YouTube. Anyone else going through the same thing? Comment us.