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HTC deals at PC Fair II 2010

If you’re heading down to PC Fair and are looking to buy a new handphone this Sunday, the HTC booth is probably worth a look. Click on the main picture to see some of the deals HTC is having on their phones specially for the PC Fair.

We’re a bit confused on the Desire and Legend pricing as the price stated on the promo poster is the normal retail price. So we’re not sure what HTC means by the “3 Days Promo Price Only” tag on both phones. Though reports are saying that you get a whole load of free gifts if you purchase the Desire or Legend, this include an 8GB MicroSD, a Bluetooth headset, car charger and a screen protector, but we can’t confirm this. Guess you’ll really have to go there and find out.

If you’re wondering why there’s no offer for the HTC Wildfire, HTC says that the device is out of stock. We’re not surprised, for the money it’s a good device. But it’s odd that HTC didn’t stock up on the Wildfire in preperation for the PC Fair. That’s just poor logistics in our minds.

Anyway, if you have on ground intel on what deals are being offered by HTC and the other handphone brands at PC Fair, do comment us ya. Thanks!


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