P1 WiMAX new DX-230 modem, reduced 2.4Mbps plan pricing

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P1 has introduced a new modem, the DX-230 which features 802.11b/g/n WiFi, 2x LAN ports and 2x phone ports. Design wise it looks more aesthetically pleasing as their current DV-230 has a separate WiFi module sticking out from the back.

We also noticed that the older DS-300 has been dropped from the website and the DV-230 is offered for its lower 400kbps package. With the DS-300 phased out, WiFi sharing is now standard on all P1’s desktop offering.

Existing users can purchase the new modem at RM399 at P1 [email protected] and P1tstop outlets.

Apart from the new modem, there’s also a revision of WiMAX pricing.

For its 2.4Mbps Home Pro plan, P1 is now offering it at RM139/month with 30GB data allowance. Previously this was priced at RM199/month with 40GB. This seems to be reduced to entice existing 1.2Mbps users to add RM40 for double the speed and 50% extra data allowance which isn’t too bad. The only concern is whether your area can support up 2.4Mbps as there are some who struggled to reach its max potential speed.

If we calculate the cost per GB, the 1.2Mbps with 20GB/month at RM99 will cost you RM4.95/GB while the 2.4Mbps with 30GB/month at RM139, costs RM4.64/GB. So it costs slightly less per GB and you get to enjoy potentially double the speed of the 1.2Mbps package. Worth considering if 20GB is not sufficient for your monthly usage.

There’s also a promotion for its 1.2Mbps Home Plus plan where P1 waived its Registration and Activation Fee. On top of that, they slashed half for 2nd and 3rd month bill which translate a total of RM260 off. The rest of the plans get only RM100 off for Registration Fee.

More details at P1 website.

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17 Comments for P1 WiMAX new DX-230 modem, reduced 2.4Mbps plan pricing


hi…just want to ask you another question. Since i am considered not a lite internet user, i will take up your advice to look for other internet service provider such as P1 Wimax. My apartment is just at the borderline coverage and I don't mind giving P1 a try. Could i ask, have you subscribed to P1 before? If you are, how is the performance such as speed? tks again for your kind effort in providing all of us with so much info…


    With any wireless broadband service, we highly recommend you try before you buy. Especially that you're on the fringe of its coverage area.

    We believe P1 still has a 7-days grace period for customers to try the service and return it for a refund if they are not happy with the service.

    Hope this help.


      tks again for your advice and help…


        Hey no worries. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you made the right choice 🙂


just registered p1max and so much regret after..my friend digi rm68 a month user lol at me..WTF


    For P1, there is a seven days cooling-off period. You can return everything within 7 days of registration and get a refund if you're not happy.

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Salar Ghaderi

I have bought P1 Dx 230 with plus internet service last week. The internet speed is not bad, but only on green light of the modem is on and fixed. The other two wi fi lights are OFF. Does it mean that I am not using the optimized service? or I can use maximized service with only one light? Thank you please help


    The lights are indicators, you don't need all to light up to indicate you're getting good reception, it's either one or the other. So long at the green light is on, you're good.


jst want to ask. last nite i was logged in to my p1 w1max 4G (DX-230) but once i offline and online again a few minutes after that i can't log in anymore on my DX-230 p1 w1max 4G. i hope somebody can tell me why was it happend.


    Login as in connecting via Wifi? Try off and on your modem and see if it works. If not you can try to do a hard reset and use the same Wifi login as written on the modem sticker. You would need to login using admin/admin123 at http:/// to change your wifi password. If that doesn't work, try calling their support line.




can dx230 easily get hack like the old model dv230? if can how?


i wan changed mY p1 4g password….how?


i also same question ? i want changed mY p1 4g password….how? can you help me ?


i wan changed mY p1 4g password….how?

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