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Apple removes rival comparison on Antennagate site

Apple has updated its Antenna Attenuation site, removing their “how to drop signal bars on rival smartphones” content. Previously the site was focused on telling the world that other phones such as Blackberries, Nokia, Androids and Windows Mobile are just as bad as the iPhone 4 when it comes to antenna reception. Now what’s left is Apple showcasing its Antenna design and research.

So what prompted Apple to remove them? Some say Apple finally learned to hold its rival phones properly but we believed they’ve realised that they are getting more negative response than what was intended. Apple had received a lot of flak for dragging rivals to their own problems instead of addressing them. We’ve seen how Nokia, RIM, Samsung, HTC and Motorola responded towards the campaign, telling off Apple that with many years in the industry, they know better where to place their antennas.

Slashgear managed to get in touch with Apple and claims that their update is merely their drive to “constantly refresh” their content. They denied any legal action against them and no hidden message behind the move. The video contents are still available on Apple’s Youtube channel.

Looks like this is the end of Antennagate wars, or is it? Apple has pulled the plug but we’re not sure if its rivals will drop the subject.
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