TM Streamyx throttles speed for video downloads

Streamyx users are crying foul by its move to throttle download speed. Users at Lowyat.net had reported that Streamyx had imposed throttling on video formats such as AVI and MKV. Some of them had proven the throttle by comparing downloads from their servers with different file format and the difference is clear.

In one example the original MKV file had a transfer rate of 35KB/s while the similar file renamed to RAR managed to get full speed of 571KB/s. There are many other examples showing the disparity in the forum thread as well. The quick solution for this is to change your file extensions if possible to RAR which allows download at full speed.

According to an unknown source in TM, such throttling exist for non-whitelisted sites on their networks. This could be TM’s new mechanism to pick on selected media formats for FUP (Fair Usage Policy) enforcement with exception for popular video sites such as youtube. So far this hasn’t affected UniFi subscribers.

Throttling is nothing new for Streamyx but it is expected considering how its “unlimited usage” is taken advantaged by power users. The least they could do is to make their FUP clear and known to public first before doing so.