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HTC EVO 4G gets Froyo, Moto Droid/Milestone next week

While HTC users in China get to enjoy Android 2.2 Froyo on the current HTC Android devices, HTC EVO 4G users have officially gotten their Froyo update in the US. This makes it the 2nd phone to get Froyo after Nexus One over that side of the world.

The new update gave the EVO 4G similar Android 2.2 features plus a few stuff from HTC, such as a Flashlight app, updates on FM Radio, MMS and Photo Gallery apps. Android Central has a detailed list of the new changes in their EVO 4G Froyo post. As mentioned earlier, we should be expecting HTC’s Froyo update for the rest of us anytime soon.

For those who are having Android’s best selling Motorola Droid/Milestone,
an update is expected to come next week. Verizon, the official carrier for the Moto Droid in the US has updated its support page in time for the upgrade.

We should be expecting more announcements of Froyo roll out in the next couple of days. Samsung too has announced that the Galaxy S is getting Froyo by September. So far, the only quiet one is Sony Ericsson which seems to be stuck with Android 1.6 until today.

This is it folks! Q3 is showtime for Froyo.

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