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Android 2.2 Froyo leaked for Droid Incredible & Galaxy S

As we enter Q3 for this year, we should be closer to Android 2.2 Froyo upgrades for existing devices. For those who can’t wait, we have leaked versions to play with. Today, the latest leaks are revealed for HTC Droid Incredible & Samsung Galaxy S!

For the Droid Incredible, the leaked Froyo comes with HTC Sense so it is pretty close to the real thing. It is reported that all features are working. Head over to XDA forums or download it directly.

For Samsung Galaxy S, the leaked version will be made available at Samsung Firmware World but at 12 o’clock AMSTERDAM time today. At time of this post, it is not available yet so you might want to check later in the evening. This is only for European, Asian and Arabic versions not for the multi-carrier variant Galaxy S versions in the US.

As always, flashing unofficial firmware is at your own risk. With more leaked versions coming up, we should be expecting the real deal to come anytime soon.