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Samsung UK giving away Galaxy S to unhappy iPhone 4 owners

While Apple is busy fire fighting the Antennagate issue, Samsung did more than just mocking the iPhone 4. It took a step further by offering FREE Samsung Galaxy S to disgrunted iPhone 4 users in the UK via its twitter account @samsungukmobile. The devices are reported to be unlocked and contract free.

Quite a smart move of them as these unhappy iPhone 4 users are converted to Android after much whining and complaining on Twitter. According to its twitter account, they have shipped several units already and at time of this post, it looks like there are only a few units left.

While this isn’t happening in Malaysia, the closest option to get a free Samsung Galaxy S was through Maxis 10 programme where reviewers may possibily keep it for free. Perhaps Maxis & Samsung in Malaysia should learn something from this.