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VIDEO: Steve Jobs = Darth Vader

(Update 20072010 1011hrs) We’ve added the translation for the video in thie post. Read all about it after the jump.

This video from Taiwan presents a compelling argument that Steve Jobs is kind of like Darth Vader.

For those who can’t catch what the narrator we have a rough English translation below.

In the meantime just take a look at the video, the visuals are pretty self-explanatory.

You know the iPhone 4 has very real design flaw, and you know Steve has been very defensive and arrogant about the issue. He’s saying he loves his customer, but does he really? Would you still consider the iPhone 4?

We did consider getting the iPhone 4 at WWDC10 but now, not anymore, not even by a long shot. No amount of free Bumper is going to make us change our minds.

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, break free from the sheep mentality and look elsewhere first before you decide. The iphone 4 is really not that great. Seriously.

Video after the jump.


English Translation:

The iPhone 4 is hit with controversies lately which Steve Jobs is busy fire fighting.

The Apple founder has helped his company to make billions thanks to the iPod and iPhone.

Currently it is reported that the size of Apple is bigger than Microsoft and Steve Jobs is undisputedly one of the key technology industry leaders. However some says that he is getting more evil when it comes to business.

When a leak prototype of the iPhone 4 was revealed by Gizmodo, Steve with the help of police enforcements had raided editor Jason Chen’s house to get back their device.

Recently there are also reports that alleged that Apple’s manufacturers had exploited contract employees as well.

There are many users who refuse to buy the iPhone as they are bounded by AT&T’s contract and have collectively complained about this.

The latest hurdle for the iPhone 4 is the antenna issue but Apple denies there’s problem with the device but it lies on the hands of the consumer which causes reception issues.

When Consumer Reports refuse to recommend the iPhone 4, that caught Steve Jobs’s attention and he called for an emergency press conference.

Now he says there could be a problem with the antenna but claims that other phones face the same problem as well.

If iPhone 4 buyers are not satisfied, Apple will give away cheap iPhone 4 covers to solve this problem.