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Samsung responds to Apple Antennagate

Joining in the rebuttal of the iPhone 4’s Antenna Attenuation Saga is Samsung. Samsung Electronic has responded that its smartphone antennas were designed to ensure no difficulty in getting signals and they hasn’t been any reception issues reported so far.

They also mentioned that their antenna for the Omnia 2 is located at the bottom while iPhone 4’s antenna is located on the lower left side. Samsung’s design keeps a distance between a hand and the antenna which should minimise any possibility of antenna issues.

They also iterated that Samsung has conducted field tests before rollout of smartphones and reception problem have not happened to them so far and there isn’t any room for such problems to happen in future.

Interestingly, Samsung wasn’t as tough as the rest with its response. Some are pointing out that it could be Samsung’s relationship with Apple as Apple uses their hardware components.

So now we heard from Nokia, RIM, HTC & now Samsung. Lets see who’s next?