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Apple Antennagate: HTC Droid Eris has less complaints compared to iPhone 4

When Apple started smearing its own problems on its rivals, RIM and Nokia had came out with an immediate response for it. HTC now has kind of responded as well since their Droid Eris was “showcased” on Apple’s Antenna Attenuation site.

According to HTC’s PR head, the HTC Droid Eris had approxtimately 0.016% complains with regards to signal or antenna problems. This is about 3X less compared to Apple’s 0.5% mentioned on yesterday’s press conference. To be fair, we do note that HTC Eris obviously sold less than the iPhone 4 3 million units but the point here is that signal loss is not really an issue for HTC. Even when Apple showed the HTC Eris, the antenna is placed at the top which is not an area you would often hold.