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Paul the Octopus: There an app for that

(UPDATE 1604hrs 15072010) Want a psychic octopus in your iPhone? Well, it’s going to cost you. We thought the app was free, turns out its US$0.99.

Ever had problems deciding on where to go for lunch? Or what movie to watch? With this app, your decision making woes might well be the thing of the past.

The World Cup may be over but Paul the psychic octopus is as busy as ever, this time helping you decide what to choose in your daily lives with the help of your iPhone.

Ok, so it’s not really the actual octopus and the app doesn’t really have predictive powers. It’s more like a magic 8-ball in the form of an octopus, and it’s kindda fun to play with. Wonder if we can use this to decide the outcome of the next election.

Hit the iTunes link if you want to try the app out for yourself.