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Here’s another preview of the upcoming BlackBerry 6

RIM has just released a new video showcasing the capability of their new OS for BlackBerry dubbed the BlackBerry 6.

Unlike the previous video, this latest visual highlights some of the more prominent features of the BlackBerry 6 OS like Universal Search, enhanced media interface, integrated social feeds and a new BB messenger UI.

This represents a huge step in the right direction for BlackBerry who are looking to woo a younger, more trendy set into their camp, but the problem is. Whatever “new” features RIM is putting into the BlackBerry 6, iOS and Android are already doing and will probably do it better.

So if RIM is going to make people really consider BalckBerry as their next app purchase, they will have to come up with something really special. As it is, the BlackBerry 6 looks very much like the iOS and Android. Guess we’ll have to reserve our judgment until we try it out for ourselves.

BlackBerry’s main rival in this space will be Android and as BlackBerry devices move towards being a full touchscreen experience, the lack of a solid input interface like swype to replace the lack of a physical QWERTY might put off BlackBerry fans who often cite BlackBerry’s sturdy, tactile keyboard as one of the devices’ strongest point.

Look out for BlackBerry 6 to be released within this quarter though don’t expect all Blackberrys will be able to support the new OS.

Head on over to after the jump to see the video preview of the BalckBerry 6 OS.