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DiGi: On the net, consistency rules

DiGi has just released a new TV commercial to promote its broadband offerings and there’s a lot to like about this ad.

The message is clear and the visuals are warmly attention grabbing. It’s simple and it works.

You’re not left confused with what is the point of the ad and what is it trying to sell, it’s not over selling and it doesn’t suck you into a mindless show of song and dance that detracts you from the product promise.

In the ad, DiGi is saying that its mobile broadband services delivers consistency. It’s a solid proposition and doesn’t beat around the bush. We like it for that.

As to DiGi’s mobile broadband performance, let’s just say that when it’s good, it’s good, though coverage is still patchy. If you need 3G and falling back on EDGE is not an option, then, you’ll find that sometimes DiGi does leave you hanging more than the rest at the moment.

Having said that, virtual pats on the backs of the people that made this ad happen. Good stuff.!

Check out the ad after the jump.