DiGi MiFi price and plan revealed


DiGi has finally revealed its MiFi package which bundles the Huawei MiFi device. The MiFi device is priced at RM360 for upfront purchase however it doesn’t seem that you can buy the device without a contract. The DiGi MiFi is bundled with DiGi Broadband Explore package that comes with 16GB monthly data with a discounted price of RM128 from the original RM158.

DiGi Broadband Explore package speed is rated an average of 700kbps download and 200kbps upload. If you exceed your data quota, broadband speeds will be throttled down to 128kbps.

DiGi’s marketing message is that you get the MiFi device for free but on a rebate basis that they discounted RM30 for 12 months which translate to the same RM360 you paid for upfront. After the 12 months contract period, the normal subscription of RM158 will be charged. For extra savings, DiGi will rebate additional RM5 per month if you opt to pay the subscription via autopay.

When DiGi first started accepting pre-booking of the MiFi device, we did mentioned about some issues with the Huawei Device which they have kind of “rectified”. At RM360, this looks like a better deal than the D-Link Pocket WiFi device.