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RUMOUR: Samsung Galaxy S2 with 2GHz CPU and HD 720 Screen

Slashgear has reported what seems to be a rumour of Samsung Galaxy S next successor, believed to be called the Galaxy S2 i9200. The Galaxy S currently ranks highly in our list of recommended Android phones and we would expect the successor to bring our expectations to a higher level.

The rumoured successor model is spec’ed to the max boasting 2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM with 4GB of ROM. It is also reported to have a 1280×720 Super AMOLED screen which dwarfs the iPhone 4 retina display on paper. To top it off, its 8MP Camera records video at 1080p.

This couldn’t come in a better time as Motorola’s CEO had mentioned that a 2GHz Android device would be coming by end of this year. Of course, we would iterate that this is still a rumour. However we won’t be surprise if its true since the Android segment would eventually need to counter iPhone 4’s offering one way or another.

We would like to add that HTC and Motorola, which both enjoyed some dominance recently has gotta work double time as the Koreans are rising up in the Android game.