YTL launches Free 4G WiMAX service for public universities


YTL Communications, another 4G WiMAX operator in Malaysia has announced a Education Partner Program (EPP) for students. This program allows free internet access for 3 years per student with a quota of 300MB per month.

YTL has formed its first EPP partnership with UTM, Skudai in Johor and they plan to create more 4G Campus networks in all public universities by end of 2010. We all have heard promises of commercial launch which has yet to materialise. This could be YTL’s early test site for its 4G WiMAX network and at the same time use it as a showcase of what YTL can deliver.

However even if YTL manages to cover all public universities, they will still fall short of WiMAX deployment targets behind P1, AMAX and Redtone. After all the publicity stunts and PRs, we are still waiting to see YTL’s WiMAX to be launched commercially.

On the EPP plan, 300MB per month which calculates to 10.8GB for 3 years is barely enough for average student use. But who are we to complain if it is free? We wonder if YTL would come out with a paid student package for those who are serious about subscribing if the service is good.

If you’re studying at UTM Skudai, you can sign up here and do let us know your feedback.

You can check out photos from the EPP launch on their Facebook page.