Milestone beats Nexus One for most popular Android device

A monthly metrics report from mobile ad network, AdMob reveals the most popular Android phones currently on the market. Surprisingly Google’s flagship Nexus One is the least popular whilst Motorola Droid/Milestone tops the chart.

The findings was gathered from close to 13 million Android phones that are currently on the AdMob network in the month of May. This explains why some of the more recently released phones like the Samsung Galaxy S and the Droid X are not on the list while devices like the HTC Legend and HTC Desire are still trying to find traction against the other devices that have been in the market for a longer period like the HTC Hero which is currently sitting at the #2 on the popular Android phone list.

Currently, about 21% of Android phones being used are Motorola Droids/Miletones, while 16% of Android users own the old school HTC Hero. Alarmingly, Google’s Nexus One consist of only 2% of phones running Android. Hardly a fitting performance considering Google manufactured the Nexus One as a showcase of the perfect Android integration between software and hardware.

Though what the data doesn’t reveal are the contributing factors that make the Droid such an appealing Android device. We suspect it’s the strong marketing and attractive pricing plans offered for the device in the US. Having said that, the Droid/Milestone is a capable device and is probably one of the thinnest QWERTY-slider form factor Android phone in the market.

Interestingly, about 67% of Android users are in North America while China is the second largest market for Android with 13% of Android users coming from the country, says AdMob.

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In terms of the most popular brands running Android, HTC’s strategy of providing a selection of devices with varying specs and price range is working, with the brand commanding over 50% of the Android device market share. Motorola is second with a steady 30% market share ahead of Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Google.

We’re very perplexed as to how Sony Ericsson, in our mind, the makers of the worse Android devices at the moment, can be ahead of Google. If Google wants to catch up it better be prepared to launch a Nexus Two of sorts or else.

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