Anti-iPhone video gets dude fired

A dude form Best Buy in the US created this video about a customer that just wants to get an iPhone 4 because everybody else wants one. The video is very vulgar and the employers of the creator decided that he’s not the kind of person they want working in Best Buy anymore, so now apparently they are trying to fire him.

We don’t know if it’s out of frustration or he’s just trying be funny or if he’s just plain mean of if it’s all of the reasons combined but we don’t think he deserved what he got for producing this video. Plus whatever happened to freedom of speech? If we didn’t read reports that the video was made by a dude who works in Best Buy, we wouldn’t even make the connection. He should be able to keep his job.

In any case the video is a viral success, racking in close to a whopping 2.5 million views in less than 2 weeks. CGC FTW!

Speaking of the iPhone 4, what’s your take on the device? With all its antenna issue and what not, will you get it once it gets here? For us, the jury is still out. The Samsung Galaxy S with Android and Swype is a very enticing proposition for would be smartphone buyers.

Head on after the jump the see the video plus a bonus response video to the original.

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