Maxis COO says iPhone 4 could be here in August, iPad 3G in the works

Maxis COO, Jean Pascal van Overbeke broke the news that Maxis could be offering the iPhone 4 in Malaysia as early as August. However he didn’t reveal any pricing but mentions that the data plans would not be expensive.

This is what we have predicted earlier this month and we believe the pricing shouldn’t be too far off from Maxis offering for the iPhone 3GS.

Several days back, we also received confirmation that Maxis will be offering the 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS.

These signals that Maxis is preparing for imminent launch and we simply can’t wait for them to start accepting pre-orders soon. We also just hope that Apple would step up its supplies amidst strong demands.

In the same report, the COO also mentions that Maxis could be offering the iPad 3G but now it seems that decision depends on Apple right now.

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