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EXCLUSIVE: WiMAX-Inside review coming!

We’re pretty sure that you’re seeing this first right here on We’ve just gotten our hands on a WiMAX-Inside laptop ahead of the full on launch next week and this one is specced to the gills with kit!

As you can see, its an engineering unit so the specs might have not been finalized yet, which means we can’t really talk much about what this baby is packing.

But we we’re informed that the WiMAX chip inside and the connection manager is the final build and is the same version as what consumers will get when this unit and units from the other five manufacturers hit the market on June 29.

Over the weekend, we will be looking specifically into the WiMAX performance of this unit and how it fares against external WiMAX modems.

In the meantime, as always, if you have anything you’d like to know about WiMAX-Inside devices, hit us up with a comment.