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HTC Desire: Coming to DiGi by the end of this week?

Ok it’s Monday but we’re already looking forward to the coming Sunday.

Why? Well because by the end of this week it will be exactly one month after the launch of the HTC Desire. And if you followed our live coverage during the Desire launch on May 27, you will note that the exclusivitydeal with Maxis for the Desire is only for a month.

After that it’s pretty much a free for all, with any phone dealers or telco being able to sell the Desire.

So, what can we expect? Keep your eyes locked onto DiGi’s website, if we know DiGi, there may be something for HTC Desire prospects to look forward to from DiGi soon. Perhaps a similar offering along the lines of the DG Smart Plan? We can’t be certain for now but the possibility is there.

If the HTC Desire does come to DiGi how much will it cost? Assuming the Desire comes to DiGi, you can expect a hefty subsidy, with the device being priced at very close to what Maxis is offering right now.

And another thing, last week, Maxis opened up pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S, slating the launch date at 25 June. We’re wondering, will DiGi follow suit? Right now it’s hard to tell but maybe.