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Nexus One comes to Korea, gets Froyo 2.2

We’re on a roll with Froyo and Google updates at the moment. It took a while but the Koreans will be the latest lucky geeks to be getting the Google Nexus One. And the deal gets even sweeter as the Nexus Ones heading to Korea will be running the latest Android OS, the 2.2 aka (Froyo).

KT will be the telco of choice if you’re in Korea and is in the market for a Nexus One. Outright it’s going to set you back an equivalent of RM1,900 or a very attractive RM410 for a 24-month contract.

Sadly, we’re nowhere near Korea at the moment. What’s more important is, when will Google and the device manufacturers clear the confusion on which devices that will be getting the Froyo and which will not.