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P1 gives 1 month free Internet in exchange for positive testimonials

We don’t know about you, but we think testimonials are lame.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind the genuine article from people who are really happy with a product or service. But in most cases, testimonials are so obviously fake. Fluffy, made up statements coaxed out of strangers in a feeble attempt to convince other strangers to buy or like something. It just doesn’t work.

Let’s say a stranger stopped you in the middle of the street and started babbling about how good some cockamamie product is, would you believe that person? We don’t think so. So why do companies trying to sell us stuff still think that these kind of things work on consumers?

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking or maybe it’s the marketeers that lack creativity and have no clue on how to engage their customers. Whatever it is, the real reason why testimonials are still a persuasion tool of choice is something we will never know.

That’s why when P1 started a program where they offer one month free Internet to anyone who gives positive testimonials about their service, we were like, what were they thinking!

No one is going to buy into this crap! It’s not even a real testimonial. It’s more like a “say-something-nice-about-P1-in-the-most-creative-way-possible-and-win-a-free-month-of-Internet” contest. From the get go, anyone who’s going to give a testimonial about P1 is only doing it to get free stuff, so why bother?

We seriously don’t know what the people at P1 hope to achieve with this. Anyways, if you’re interested to give your own testimonial, check out the details here. There’s a video of dude telling you how good P1 is for him, but man what a waste of bandwidth!