Tune Talk CEO jumps out of a helicopter

(UPDATE 2003hrs 12062010) Tune Talk has just uploaded of Jason’s jump here.

No, it’s not a suicide attempt but apparently Jason Lo, the CEO of Tune Talk lost a World Cup bet.

He bet that if South Africa didn’t win by three goals he will jump out of a helicopter – with a parachute of course. By now, you would’ve already known that the Bafana Bafana were out of luck, ending their opening game with a draw with the Mexicans.

Lo lost the bet and made the jump today.

What surprised us was the fact the he didn’t do a tandem jump but instead did a solo. Usually, first time jumpers are tied to their instructors in what is called a tandem jump. So for Jason to do his first jump solo is a big deal.

Now we’re wondering if he’s a veteran jumper. If he is then, the bet is off because it’d be a piece of cake for him.

Are you a veteran jumper Jason?