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Maxis releases World Cup app for iPhone

As the official mobile broadcaster for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Maxis is going all out delivering extras to its customers.

The live streaming of all the 64 World Cup matches is something really special and it’s exclusive to Maxis subscribers only. There’s also a whole heap of football and World Cup related content on offer including a contest that offers trips to see Frank Lampard and Lionel Messi in London and Barcelona. You can’t help but feel special being a Maxis subscriber during this World Cup month.

And it doesn’t stop there, Maxis has upped the ante with the release of a World Cup app for the iPhone so that the rest of the non-Maxis iPhone users don’t feel left out not being ablt to watch World Cup games live on their device.

The Maxis WC2010 in South Africa iPhone app provides access to everything and anything you need to know about the 2010 World Cup.

The app offers the latest World Cup news, live score updates with live table standings updated on the fly (there’s even push notification for scores, pre-match reminder and loads more), access to World Cup matches with automatic conversion to Malaysian time. There’s a photo gallery, full team profiles and venue information as well as a Wold Cup Hall of Fame listing dating back from all the way to the first World Cup in 1930.

It’s a pretty solid app, we can’t think of anything that the app doesn’t have.

To download the Maxis 2010 in South Africa app, click here (iTunes link).