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Astro adds History Channel and Bloomberg into b.Player

During our early discovery of the Astro b.Player iPhone app, we mentioned that the only other channel available for live viewing was Hitz.TV. Now, Astro has added two more channels to the player – History Channel and Bloomberg.

Both channels offer the same content as from the normal Astro feed via decoder, all live.

This is interesting because History Channel is parked under that Astro Learning package and Bloomberg is a part of the Astro News package which are all paid channels if you were to view it on a television set.

With the Astro b.Player these channels are offered for FREE!

We did mention that we see the b.Player being something more than just a World Cup one off special. Could Astro and Maxis be on the verge of offering paid mobile TV service?

We have a inkling that it might be.