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OFFICIAL: Maxis will launch the iPhone 4

UPDATE (20100920) : Maxis iPhone 4 pricing and plans for launch leaked. Read about it here.

(UPDATE 2114hrs 20072010) BREAKING: Maxis launches iPhone 4 promo site with registration of interest.

(UPDATE 2050hrs 29062010) Maxis COO confirms that iPhone 4 is coming in August.

(UPDATE 1350hrs 08062010) We’ve gathered more updates from Maxis via twitter and here are a few more details of the Malaysian iPhone launch. It will not be next month but it will be within the third quarter of this year. So it looks like it will be either August or September. Again, we’re hoping its August

We just received an official statement from Maxis.

Maxis Berhad will launch iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, in Malaysia in the coming months.”

Not much more detail have been revealed but if our predictions are right. The iPhone 4 could be here as early as August.

Now the next question is, will Maxis offer upgrade schemes like AT&T does with its iPhone subscribers?

We’ll let you know once we know.

And if you’re wondering, so far, no word from DiGi on what their plans are for the iPhone 4. Though DiGi’s CEO have mentioned that they are a key partner with Apple. Anything to say DiGi?