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HTC Legend Software upgrade ver 1.31.707.3

We mentioned earlier that HTC has an update for its Legend. At first we’re excited that HTC might have surprised us with an early Froyo upgrade but there’s no clear mention of Android 2.2 or even a log of enhancement that comes with the new upgrade.

While the notification is yet to come out, we decide to check for software updates manually. This as expected, prompted us to download the new version which an option to download via WiFi or 3G.

Downloading over 3G on DiGi network is pretty fast which took less than 5 minutes to complete. After downloading, you will be prompt to either install now or install later. Installation is fast and the Legend rebooted like twice before starting back the usual HTC logo screen sequence. The whole installation process lasted for around 3 minutes.

So what’s with the new upgrade? Unfortunately we can’t tell what’s new. As written earlier, there’s no log or upgrade details available from HTC. It still looks the same and even the Firmware version remains as 2.1.

However some Legend users over at Lowyat forum reported improved smoothness and better WiFi reception. So there could be some minute changes after all but it is barely noticeable at this point of time.

Do you see any improvement or enhancement for the new 1.31.707.3 upgrade for the Legend? Drop us a comment.