DiGi MiFi Huawei E5830 open for prebooking

DiGi opens pre-booking of portable MiFi device

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(UPDATE 1901hrs 16062010) It appears DiGi has amended Q20 in the MiFi pre-order page FAQ. It now says that the E5830 can still function as router while being charged (ie. Plugged into a USB port)

DiGi has announced that they are offering the Huawei E5830 MiFi device which allow users to share their 3G Connection over WiFi. This is a perfect bridge for WiFi powered device to work remotely on 3G network. You can make your own 3G powered WiFi hotspot from your pocket, which is perfect companion for WiFi version of iPad.

Don’t go rushing to DiGi centres yet as it is only open for pre-booking. You may pre-book at DiGi’s facebook group here.

DiGi is claiming this offering as Malaysia’s First ever Mobile WiFi, which we believe is First only for telco bundling. MiFi devices or mobile 3G to WiFi routers have already been on our shores for quite some time. Not too long ago, we’ve reviewed a D-Link DIR-457 Pocket WiFi Router here.

Some key noticable features of the Huawei E5830 Mifi:

  • Supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps Downlink and HSUPA 5.76Mbps Uplink
  • 802.11b/g
  • Can’t be charge while in use (FAQ Q.20)
  • Battery last up to 4 hours
  • Supports up to 5 devices connected simultanously

Read more about it here.

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7 Comments for DiGi opens pre-booking of portable MiFi device

Gold digga

Perhaps someone could pintpoint more precise info regarding "Can’t be charge while in use" comment.


I wonder if the device comes with a wall charger.. I have seen some reviews online that it comes with a wall charger via USB.

The wording in the FAQ "The MiFi can't be charged when connected through USB with a PC with data transmission." leads me to think that it will be charged and can be in use if you use a wall charger.


There are 2 possible answer with regards to charging the MiFi while use.

1. Unable to charge if connected to PC via USB. This could mean it could be charged if using standalone USB power through AC.
2. Unable to charge at all while in use when 3G connectivity is established. This is the least wanted answer whereby you can't simultaneously charge an battery dead MiFi while using it at the same time.

We do hope it is the 1st answer, if not it is a pity to have such limitation which even the D-Link DIR-457 could do.


Just read a review on the Huawei E5380 MiFi device from 3

"This is ideal if there isn't any juice left in the E5830, as for all intents and purposes the device can almost double up as a 3G dongle for the laptop while still providing WiFi access to other devices. There is a slight trade off here in terms of powering the unit. The MiFi device can't be charged from a PC or microUSB power adaptor while connected to WiFi and the data network, since only when the unit is powered down and disconnected can it be recharged."

Looks like the MiFi has to be switched off to be charged. Without battery, the only use for it is to work as a standalone 3G USB Modem. Looks like there's no way to extend the MiFi life beyond its 4 hour specification due to this limitation.

However, there's some solutions out there that mentions that it is possible to charge via a special cable to boost the voltage. Perhaps the ones used for external hard disk that connects to 2 USB for more power. We have yet to test whether this works.