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White Blackberry now available for Hotlink, offers ‘Free BIS’

The Blackberry Bold 9700 White is also available on Hotlink: Maxis’s Prepaid.

Prepaid users can get it for RM2279 and it comes with 6 months BIS Usage. Interestingly enough, Maxis has conveniently position the discounted bundled BIS subscription as FREE for both postpaid and prepaid.

At first, we thought Maxis has revised their offer to make it more attractive. However when the retail price of the white BlackBerry Bold is going for RM2099, how could Maxis mention FREE when customers are paying more than the retail price?

We managed to screen capture Maxis’s post paid offer, before and after the change. See for yourself how a bundled discounted usage is conveniently called FREE.

Price inclusive of RM360 for 12 months subscription of BIS Advanced

Free 12 months subscription of BIS Advance (But price remain unchanged)

We feel that this is a cheap gimmick from Maxis and they shouldn’t be confusing by telling consumers FREE for something they have to pay extra for. Not a good move at all by Maxis. Why can’t they be more truthful about their offers?

More details here.