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AMAX WiMAX to re-engineer backhaul due to high TM’s charges

We heard that AMAX is to re-engineer their WiMAX backhaul connectivity. This might explain the MIA situation of AMAX as their site is no longer accessible.

According to its CEO, Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah, TM’s charges metro-E link is more costlier than microwave backhaul therefore prompting their move to switch to microwave. Due to this exercise, AMAX has informed their customers of AMAX’s WiMAX service downtime. Customers will not be billed from 1st May onwards until the re-engineering process is complete.

The CEO also added that AMAX has filed a complaint to MCMC on TM’s high pricing which appears to be trying to kill off broadband competition in the country. He also added that AMAX currently has 2000 customers in the Klang Valley with 15,000 more registered pending coverage expansion.

On the other end of the table, TM has refuted such claims saying that AMAX had initially agreed with the terms set for the connectivity agreement and it is unfair for them to accuse them in this manner. According to TM, they had deliver their obligation however AMAX has failed to honour their obligation when it comes to payment.

Amidst rumours of AMAX going bust, the CEO also denied that AMAX is in trouble. To date, they have 42 people in their workforce. However he did admit that they had to let go of some staff as they we’re slowing down but assures that they are here to stay.

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