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Tony Stark uses an Android phone made by LG

We didn’t actually see any LG product placement in the movie (or perhaps we missed it) but LG just launched its latest Android powered phone with a movie tie-in commercial in the US.

Ahead of the Iron Man 2 movie release in the US, LG launched a nifty commercial showcasing its latest Android device in the shape of the LG Ally.

It’s certainly a novel approach for a product launch. Not much of the device is shown and no details on the features are revealed in the commercial. The only certainty we know of the LG Ally that it will be launching May 11 (in the US), it will be running Android. You’ll also get 3.2MP camera, a 3.2in touchscreen and a slideout full QWERTY keyboard.

In conjunction with the tie-in, there’s pre-installed augmented reality app that’s designed to mimic the inside of the Iron Man’s helmet.

We’re really perplexed why LG is not launching the device here. We’d be very interested to get our hands on one.

Check out the commercial after the jump. Its quite funny.